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      Today I learned that “matador” is not an insignificant word in danish culture.

      Please give me a little time to investigate this. In the meantime all insight is welcome!

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        The game Monopoly is called Matador in Denmark


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          Matador is a very wellknown family saga in Denmark.
          If I say that everyone in Denmark know this tv series – and that the wast majority have seen it – I am not lying!

          The series is based on an idea from the danish writer/journalist Lise Nørgård, who died in january this year at the age of 105.
          It was meant to be a novel, but ended up being a series with 24 episodes.
          It covers the period (in Denmark)from 1929 to 1947 – the airing started in 1978 (Danish tv – DR) and it has been aired multiple times up till now.
          It is often used in schools when teaching history.

          Matador is the name for the social game known in english as Monopoly.

          A matador is the bullfighter who leads the team and gives the bull the death blow…..a person with power and will to use it.


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            Fun fact, Matador, the Danish version of Monopoly has a circular game board, and breweries instead of railway stations.


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