Help with the partitions on a HDD from the beosound 5

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      Question (sorry for my bad English 🙁  )

      I see with a sata cable the broken (?) HDD van the beosound 5.

      I try now to make a clone from that disk.  This before I try to repair or something like that.

      I see a  =====  recovery – system – data en a MB ==== partition.  I think the System partition are most important but what are the MB partition ??

      Do any one now:

      • can I the system also start with a USB stick ??
      • can i use the recovery partition when the display don’t work from the Beo???


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        Check out the Beosound 5 forum in the 2012-2022 archive (see link above).

        IIRC, the recommendation is to use a disk cloning machine vs. trying to do it with cloning software.  I think there’s stuff on the HDD that doesn’t necessarily get copied even with “bit-for-bit” cloning software.  These can be found on Amazon for ~$30.

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          Hello HenW, all,

          I can also recommend creating a new HDD from scratch. In one of the threads of above mentioned forum there is a link to download the SW for creating an USB stick. It is then to be attached to the BM 5. While startup it must be sure to boot from the stick. there you not only can clone the HDDs but also create a new one. I did this and have seen a little bit „rough“ BS5 system, but after fetching the updates all was fine. Best way is to perform this with an extra HDD and keep the original as a safe backup…

          To your questions, the MB should be small and be the boot partition. It has to be set to bootable partition.

          I also tried the recovery, once, working also fine. It may also be needed to perform a SW update. While recovery, the system partition is refreshed from that. I believe, data is not touched.

          Best regards

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