BL3 on table stands pls help

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      Hi Beofans,

      would somebody with BL3’s on table stands be so kind and tell me the total height? I have quite a limited space under cabinet and would like to be sure that my BL3’s will fit after I buy  table stands, thanks.

      Oh and how thick is the base plate? Is it more then 6 mm?

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        Hi libor, welcome!

        I do not have these speakers but found a pdf catalogue that says they are 32cm high:beolab 3

        I trust they will need a bit of space around them to work correctly, that will for sure be written in the manual.

        At the B&O website you can download an ‘.obj’ file of the BeoLab 3 that might give you the exact height of the base (using a CAD system).

        Good luck, would be nice to see a photograph of the result in the ‘Flash your B&O’ thread!



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          The .obj file shows like this in my standard mac preview app (I cannot measure it there, sorry).beolab 3 obj

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            Hi libor,

            I can confirm a total height of 32 cm as Johan has displayed. I have the BL 3 on table stands in our bookshelf. In my case, I was able to build the bookshelf around the speakers :-).

            The round base plate is 6 mm thick and it stands on rubber feet which take appr. 0,5 – 1 mm in height (I cannot measure more accurate, sorry).

            I hope it helps.

            Kind regards,


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              Hi libor.

              If you have limited space/height there, why not go for the rubber stands instead?

              Would also make it easier to point the speakers a bit up or down depending on what you’d need.

              Please do not move these speakers too far back from the edge of the shelf/cabinet – the Acoustic Lenses need space for spreading the sound.


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