Beovision MX4000 – stuck in standby

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      Hi apologies if this is the wrong topic, I feel it might need to go in Vintage or Workbench forum instead.

      I have a MX4000 CRT TV. Lovely TV have owned it for a few years. It was working fine, but I have not switched it on in about a year.

      I powered it on the other day and it seems to be stuck in standby mode. Press the button to turn to TV or V-Tape channel and the LED flickers green briefly then goes back to red.

      I can get to service mode (I have a switch to do this, which I added myself years ago). And when in service mode the TV stays with green LED. However nothing is displayed on the screen still.

      From what I have been reading it could be capacitors? Anyone have any guideance as to which could possibly causes this issue?… rather than diving in and replacing them all.

      There were no bangs, pops, smoke or anything when I turned it on.

      I will likely tak the information to an electronics repair person, rather than attempt this myself, unless it could be a one-capacitor-easy-fix 🙂

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