Beosystem 72-97

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    Hi alls,

    Beosystem 72-22 is a beautiful thing but far beyond my reach. It still inspired me the Unofficial Beosystem 72-97 (after the year of the speakers…).


    Still missing are the 30 cm feet for the cabinet (5€ each).

    In the cabinet there is an old Beosound Ouverture acting as “Center” for radio, CD, Tape and A.AUX/Phono through an RIAA preamp.

    The deck is (should be!) updated with the Beolover remote control board that allows the deck to be remote controlled with an Apple remote, which IR codes are fully available for the Beo5/6 remote. Thanks to the Beo6 programming capabilities, the controls are available after selecting the phono input for the Beocenter.

    Ideally, I’d like to derivate the internal tape line in to turn it into an Airplay/Chromecast input. It can be made easily with a cassette adapter but I already can hear screams !

    Anyway , even if all this work fine, I had to keep it as a concept since :
    1- I have no room to store away all the vintage thing that are usually standing there.
    2-I’m not really satisfied with the rendering of the BL8000 vs the usual S-45-2 from the old system. Even if they (8000’s) perform better with the Beogram than with other sources.

    Bottom line: The Beo6 Rocks !

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    Very cool! Today I exchanged the plinth of my Beogram to a wallnut one, to match the recently released Beosystem 😉


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