Beolab 8000+2 center speaker

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    Beolab 8000 + beolab 2 good setup or does it need center speaker? one person wacthing tv. I’m quite happy with 2.1, been thinking to update 3.1. For center speaker need to raise tv 4 centimeter or wall mount tv. Any advice in mind?

    Current setup: tv lq 55″, Almando Multiplay Surround Decoder 3, beolab 8000+beolab 2

    In local store there is one beolab 7.1 for sale.


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    Although I generally am an advocate for having a center speaker in a video setup………in your case – with one viewer, I think that will be alright………as long as you sit in the sweetspot.


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    Get BL 7.1 (or 7.2,better,to fit the screen).I prefer TV wall mounted.Think about two people watching tv…

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    There’s nothing wrong with stereo tv, but if you’re thinking of going 3.1 I would recommend a Beolab 7.4 for the centre.
    The 7.1 is a glorious speaker on its own, but might sound a bit muddling with the BL8000s as buddies.

    (BL7.4 is mono, clear, fabulous. BL 7.1 is stereo, musical and ace on it’s own.)

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