Beocenter 7700 Balance slider and cartridge wiring

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      First time here and first post, thanks for having me!

      I recently bought a Beocenter 7700 at a flea market and keep learning about the unit as I try to restore it.

      (Yesterdays achievement was to get the cassette player working again with a household rubber band … And yes, parts are ordered from Beo Parts for a proper repair …).

      I have two questions:

      It appears I only have mono output and when I move the balance slider to the right, sound decreases on the righ. Moving it back to middle and the sound level is back to normal. Moving it to the left doesn’t seem to make any difference – same as center setting. Does this ring any bell with anyone?

      Another (likely heretic) question:

      For testing purposes I would like to retrofit another cartridge and would like to know the left / right +/-  wiring on the phono arm. My best guess was that top is right, left is left, bottom is left ground and right is right ground?!

      Many thanks,


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