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Beo 6 is central and important for me, two of the three remotes I use daily, the third being a BL5000. Very far from a collectors item on a shelf.

But it’s temperamental: you have to work a little bit to get the better of it, and even then you’ll face issues that were there even when new, like battery life, touchscreen life expectancy, etc…

You’ll find a lot of useful informations in the old forum, including specific third party IR codes or example of uses. and there is also a dedicated page on the main website with a link to a programming guide that worth be studied.

Beo6/5 was badly born/lauched/presented but in the end it makes all the thing “non B&O” people believe a beo4 will do: learn codes, command everything, be magic, with that B&O 90’s charm.