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I’ve replied!  Once we have the solution we’ll post it here so that others can benefit.

In the meantime (as put in my PM) I think your MX7000 is the older Type 33xx which is designed for the Beolink 1000 remote.  It should be possible to do what I explained with the Mk1 AV button Beo4, but we are also slightly hampered by the lack of a user guide for the early MX7000 – the ones available on Beoworld are for the later Type 78xx and 87xx versions designed for Beo4 operation.

A similar problem with the decoder setting was discussed here:

On the Beolink 1000, the key sequence SHIFT PICTURE or SHIFT SOUND is the same as pressing TURN on the Beo4 remote.  TURN can be added to the LIST function but is only then available after pressing V.TAPE or V.MEM.  (Cover the end of the remote if you don’t want V.TAPE or V.MEM to be transmitted to the TV)

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