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Keith Saunders
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it is not your password. When you posted a pic here or in an other forum you find the most pics in google search again. Then everybody can copy that pic and can use it. That is not under the law but the most people give it a sh*t of that.

You may think no one cares about the image copyright laws, but many large organisations have departments or external companys working for them who go around web sites including ebay to check if any of their images are being used without permission.

When they find an image posted by an individual or organisation they will normally contact them and request either that they remove the image and delete the image or pay a copyright fee. If the person or organisation declines to do either option, then expect a lawyers letter.

Over the years Beoworld has had many (greater than 20) letters about images posted on Beoworld with a couple ending up with legal letters and potential court action.

If you look HERE on the UK government web site it gives a good overview of the law.

The copyright laws are similar in the US with the major difference being that almost all large corporations have people checking for copyright infringements.

The bottom line is if you created the image in any form, then you own the copyright unless you have sold or given permission to use it.

So, if you have made the image you post on Beoworld, no problem because you posted you own image.