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Correct, and it will continue to work even if you use the app to delete the Level from your B&O User account!  (Well, maybe not B&Oradio.  But Spotify Connect, or streaming from your in-house DLNA server, or AirPlay will continue to work OK.  The device has smarts internally and doesn’t go checking to see if it’s “authorized” to play.  Oops, mustn’t give B&O any ideas…)

More importantly, a clean, unbroken playback stream tells you (usually) that there are no devices on your network with a duplicate IP address as your Level.  (Depends on the network hardware of course, but typically a duplicate IP will see packets suddenly being mis-delivered and then coming back again.)

The other thing you learned from your experiment is that the Halo is not at fault, and probably the network hardware is not at fault.  The Halo and the app are not running the same code, yet *both* fail to find the Level.  Despite being different code, probably both follow a similar procedure for “discovery” of available playback devices.  Unlikely that the discovery ruleset has a flaw, so we conclude that likely the Level isn’t identifying itself, “answering” the discovery broadcast packets on the network.  But you can’t 100% rule out the network hardware, so the next step would be to use itself to check on its connections.  This is beyond the scope of a short answer and beyond the ken of “support” but basically you use the tools provided by the router to see if its connection (typically a list of MAC addresses and their corresponding IPs) is “active” versus “offline”, which has different meaning/words among vendors, but the basic idea is that the device has requested an IP address and responds to broadcast packets, and “offline” is maintained so the device gets the same IP address even without a reservation — but the router thinks it isn’t responding right now.  If you can get a window into what the router thinks about your device when the Halo and the app think it’s missing, knowing that might help.