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Talking through my hat here, but that part *looks* like a mounting shock bumper:  A narrow bolt/machine screw goes down into the whole thing thru the bottom (narrow) hole, tightening a flat metal washer which fits (stops at) the middle hole/shelf.  Having now attached this bumper to the chassis, the top (largest) hole either supports a flat board that is affixed elsewise, or has an inverted screw on it, which slumps into the upper indent/saucer.  Or invert it, if you have a screw fitting into an upper board or chassis part that rests on a base: it’s a rubber foot that can be firmly fitted to one item but without squishing the whole thing making it pointless.  The key will be whether you also have an extra screw & washer lying around!?!

P.S.  Just looked at your newer pic; not sure I would ever rest a mechanical part onto a (flexy) circuit board, thus agree with you that doesn’t look right.