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Hi again,

I hope someone can help me out. I got the converter and bought a ML cable. So I should be all set. But I’m getting lost in configuring it all. While it should be pretty straight forward.

What I have is this:

BeoSound 3000 — [ML cable] — NL/ML converter — [UTP cable] — Switch —[UTP cable] —BeoSound Core — BeoLab 20

I’d like to be able to control it all via the B&O app and preferably also the Beo4.

But how should I set the BS3000 (option 0, 1 or 2), the NL/ML converter (A master, V master, AV master, slave, etc.) and maybe the Core?

I have managed to control the BS3000 through the B&O app (the CD starts spinning) but I don’t get any sound to the speakers (which are connected to the Core). So commands are issued to the BS3000. Commands are also coming back I think, because on the B&O app it shows the track number which is playing.

However, sound doesn’t seem to come back.

I do have the reference manual of the NL/ML converter, but I haven’t managed to find the right configuration yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!