Reply To: Beosound 9000 Weird IR behaviour.

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Hi Christian, Thanks for stoping by!

Yes, half an hour is enough to ruin all your holidays benefit!

To answer your post:

The BS9000 is regularly cleaned and the sensors can’t be (as far as I believe) incriminated.

The front panel is working fine at first startup.

When the IR operation is back, it IS back as normal.

The problem is really a delay between a cold start (after likely a week off) and the return of IR operation.

I, ignorantly, was expecting something like “you have a weak inside battery that hold settings and can’t remember you’re in A.Option 1 until it gets a little more juice in.” or similar, because I’m not aware of any capacitor that would need half an hour to charge.

But more seriously, I’d like to know if it is a symptom of a bigger fail to come or… it is just like that. And because I also have a Century wreck that as become my other IR challenge to fix, that I dont keep plug more than 10 minutes each time, I wonder if it could be a similar fault.


Thank you anyway for your interest.