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    I am sorry to tell you that this probably can not be done JUST WITH SOME CABLES.

    You could get stereo sound from your tv (unfortunately you do not tell anything about which one). The easiest way would be to use the headphone-out of the tv. You could even use more sets of Beolabs this way – you can daisy chain these (means the signal is send from one speaker to the next………of course using a cable).

    Since there are different versions of the named Beolabs, you may have to use different cables – Steve from Soundsheavenly (as already mentioned) can help here….usually he answers rather quick, when you contact him via his website.

    However, you won’t get more than 2 channel/stereo sound.


    You mention ‘like a home theater‘, which would be multichannel/surround etc. For this you’d have to use some kind of A/V receiver – with preout connections – connected to the tv via HDMI.

    Then you can connect the Beolabs and configure Β the setup in the receiver for movie/music. This again will require cables that matches your Beolabs.


    All in all….we need more information on your wishes for the setup.


    P.S. Welcome to Beoworld.