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    • Flensborg————Danmark
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    Hi, B3OHACK3R.

    That’s seems indeed very cool and beautifully made. For once, the box is stylish and everything looks so professional, even the main board, for a personal “why not” project.
    Then just take Millmissen suspicions as a compliment!

    Sure my comment can be read as a compliment!

    However this seemed to good to be true and the remark that it was not intended to be a buyable product irritated me.
    Maybe because I am more the rational kind of guy…..if you make something like that, it must be useable (for more than one person = the maker).

    Why not present this project (which seems to be a finished product) with some kind of calculation for selling costs/price, if so and so many people would be interested etc etc?
    That is something that I could relate to.

    Another take would be to use your skills for a more modest product, like what matador describes.
    I guess there should be plenty of demand/plenty of interested users/buyers for something like that.

    It is hard for me to say anything to the presented project….other than that it is cool!
    Lots of respect for that!

    Personally I am satisfied with what can be done with my NL/ML Converter/s… the real world.