Reply To: BeoLab 3500: how to fix ML input selection?

    • Paris France

    As far as I know the answer is No.

    That’s an old quest to turn a BL3500 into a standalone speaker or a sort of Beosound 35.
    I wanted this for myself very hard, finding the form factor quite interesting.
    But there is no easy solution: you need either a specific Beolink converter or a remote key sequence that you nee to enter each time you turn on the speaker. The only “easy” way I can see is using a Beo 5/6 with a macro.

    But I asked Steve from Sound Heavenly the same question you are now and he also told it wont work at all if you have another B&O device that accept IR commands in the same room which was my case.

    I asked the forum once if it was no other solution involving dismantling and soldering: I get no answer.

    I wish you luck in your search and this item to be hacked one day.