Reply To: beovox 2200 6213 schema circuit crossovers


    Hello again , I just want to modify the tweeters, the Celestion 4 ohm impedance, it’s a great speaker with 5″ woofer, equivalent to the Kef B110 sp1228 woofer, from the LS3/5A. The change of the Peerles tweeter of 4 ohms impedance, for other more modern and less directive dome tweeters, some of the philips ad0160, seas h107, audax models would be of another impedance value 6-8 ohms and cut equally between 2000hz and 5000hz , if the performance in dB is much higher, attenuate them with a two-resistor L-pad. I have found a circuit that may be from the Beovox 2200 6213 but it is not sure. Help for the modification. If anyone can help, it’s appreciated.IMG_20220423_124230