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    I have linked to a PeterPan thread before that had the following note under a post about BL3500 and Wireless 1 – perhaps this accounts for the Option 0 setting (when using the first version of Wireless 1):

    Haven’t seen this version on it before, but he had another post somewhere where there also was a homemade drawing with Powerlink connection between the Wireless 1 and the BL3500. It might be that there was something special in the first version of the wireless 1, but there was also a reference on the Beoworld product page for Beolink Wireless 1 stating that the BL3500 would be upgraded with a PL socket to make it compatible with the wireless 1 which doesn’t seem to fit with the wireless 1 only working this way in the first version.

    It might have only been for a small period of time that this was a thing, so it might not be very well documented.

    Guess we’ll just have to experiment to get more knowledge 🙂