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    My Beolab 3500 is and MKI (SW 1.2) with the MCL connector. I have used the service manual for the BL3500 (its called LCS9000 servicemanual) available on Beoworld but also a lot of other servicemanuals, and MCL related documentation to get information and inspiration and I will try to mention them as we go along.

    To get A baseline for testing I choose to start with a test of the BL3500 in a MCL network as it was supposed to be used to confirm everything working and to know what to expect for certain scenarios. I have a Beomaster 5500 I have used as the audiomaster in the MCL setup.

    BM5000 – MCL Cable – BL3500

    Tested with both the setting ML off and ML on in the BL3500 service menu (Menu+0+9+GO)

    The sources from the BM5500 is controlable, and volume control is possible. This setup seems to be working as expected.

    With a multimeter I tried to measure voltages on the different pins, and I got a voltage reading of 4,68 V on the data pin (pin 6) relative to all other pins. The voltage would drop slightly for a second when I turned the system into standby, and then continue at 4,68V. I know that the signal has embedded data, so these measurements might not tell everything.

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