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The BS3000 should support Option 6.
Read about that here on page 9:
N.B. Reading your plan, the 3000 does not seem to be masterlinked!

Some of the linkroom devices might not support (and respond to) the A.Aux command – this depends on the SW version.

Why would you want to get rid of the audiomaster/the BS4?
Adding a NL/ML Converter brings the additional sources from a NL device (which you would also need).
These can be played via the BS4.

How are your BV’s option programmed – the BV5?

You can not upgrade the BV5 – best buy a BV10 (be sure to have this updated with the PUC’s for the devices, you want to add, before you install it).
You might also get the BV11, if you are serious about installing the NL/ML Converter.

You are very lucky to have a plan of the setup!
Many B&O setups in old houses are not or not well documented…….which makes it very difficult to give advice.

If you want to know more about, how a NL/ML Converter works/the different setups etc, have a look here: