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    The result almost the same as when I injected 3V to the PL connector in the 1611. The BC6 turns on on an Audio connection when the Beoport starts. The TV doesn’t turn off or change input when the Beoport software is closed og the Beoports power is removed. In conclusion, nothing new regarding this, but at least it has now been tested. It might be that it will only work in combination with datalink signals on pin 6 of the AAL conenctor.

    There could be one way of testing this a bit further. With a ‘proper’ audiomaster (such as BC2300) connected to the BL1611 and ML to TV. Connect PL and AAL from BC2300 to BL1611. TV in V.OPT2, BC2300 in A.OPT 0. Then use the BC2300 front panel to turn on (eg) CD, through TV speakers. Then unplug the PL connection and turn the BC2300 off, again from the front panel. If this turns the TV off then it’s using AAL/datalink.