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    One should think this was supported as the official drawing from B&O shows the dual input, and a Beoport should be able to coexist with another audio master in the same installation. But of course if that drawing is before the Beoport was made things could have changed.

    That’s what I thought! However, perhaps the BL1611 needs to ‘recognise’ a connected product (older TV or BeoCenter) via the AAL socket (pin 6) so that it knows what sources are available.

    I ran the setup through the PCG as if connected to a BL1611 and BC2300 in the main room, Beoport and BL3500 in two link rooms: This told me to put BL3500 and Beoport in Opt 6. The was no conflict or lockup with this, but I just couldn’t select (eg) TV or RADIO like I could when Beoport isn’t present. When I tried, the BL3500 just turned quickly on and off (as if looking for a source and not finding it).

    *********  EDIT: Ignore above, Options 6 and 6 work – see below! **********

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