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Seems no one help from this forum?! However, I had solved problems myself, I would like to update this thread will help someone.


  1. During CD play sound came out L&R speakers delayed 1 to 3 min (headphone as well same) at the same time digital out can heard sound immediately once CD started readings.
  2. During playing CD intermittently sounds distorted.

I had suspected PCB32 Input & output select, and sound adjust – IC 2 (shift & store register) HEF4094BT this IC control PL mutes. I have found in my local market D4094B (Chinese?) replaced, then I have more problems, now sounds distorted, intermittent no sounds in CD, FM & Aux in sound. I have ordered HEF4094BT (original) from element 14m and removed D4094B and replaced HEF4094BT, also replace 5nos SMD aluminum electrolytic caps 4.7uf 25V 3nos & 10uf 35V 2nos. My PCB32 different from Mk3 service manuals. As per Mk3 manual PCB32 Rev-N have lot of aluminum electrolytic caps, mine have version Rev- V has 5nos only. Then all problems gone. Rajkumar

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