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Test 15 – OneRemote input/control

Well this was straightforward!  I made a OneRemote adaptor (without soldering!) to connect OneRemote DIN output pins 2, 5, 3, and 7 to AAL input pins 2, 4, 1, and 6 respectively.   (I wanted the OneRemote to be an audio source, rather than video).

I programmed the OneRemote as ‘A.TAPE’ source (setting 402 – cable direct mode with the OneRemote’s IR receiver disabled), which means it should be selectable and controllable over ‘datalink’ using A.TAPE.  The BL3500 is connected to the BL1611 ML cable.

Result:  Full control possible.  The OneRemote radio only starts when A.TAPE is pressed, not other audio/video sources such as CD or RADIO.  I can select radio presets, move through the menus to listen to music off my NAS etc.

So the OneRemote setting (402) seems to change its datalink capabilities to work with AAL.  And the AAL datalink pin 6 is functional!

I repeated the above test using BL2000 and that works fine too.  I also checked full functionality using BL3500 and BL2000 connected at the same time.

EDIT:  And just a short press of the Beo4 ‘off’ button shuts the complete system down including the OneRemote.

EDIT 2:  Photo:


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