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This still remain a mystery: how could the Powerlink work with wireless 1 and not with a true Powerlink connection. Not to mention that the wireless 1 only talks about Masterlink connection not Powerlink.

Retreive the MCL Behavior with a MK2 BL3500 could be interesting.
I’ve talked with a member of Reddit who use is Beolab 3500 daily with only a DIN connection with a 5V trigger. His Beolab is a MK1 with MCL engraved under the DIN.

I’ll have to ty this…

I knew this speaker gonna be a lot of fun! I thought that he was saying that the Powerlink from MCL behavior was changed by software but was still physically there. But reading carrefully shows that thats not what he was saying.    🙁

EDIT: after reading RaMaBo’s post twice this seems not possible