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    My BV and my A9 are both connected to the same home wifi. I also have an ATV connected via HDMI to the BV (also connected to the same wifi).

    Ideally, I don’t want to touch the BR One to stream music. Just my iphone to play music (Spotify) or extend audio over NL.

    Both BV and A9 show up in the B&O app. All works smoothly as long as the BV is turned on.

    What I am trying to solve is to stream audio to the BV. Either directly via NL or using AP via the ATV. Or through another device (e.g., CC). But in any case, I would like to stream the audio to the BV without using the BROne to turn it on. Can audio mode be activated via line-in sense? Via HDMI sense? or via the B&O app via “join”? Or other ideas?