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Here are my answers: Question 1: which of the following is your setup a. BL Passive ML connected to BLC – NL devices – another BLC ML connected to your A.Master, or b. A.Master ML connected to BL Passive ML connected to BLC – NL devices? >>config A is the setup Question 2: which NL devices are connected? >> I have a Beosystem 4, the other NL/ML converter, a Beovision 11 Question 3: you want to move the BLC/BL Passive, does this room have a NL device? >> no, it’s a bathroom, so no other device is in the room.

So, I’m correct to state the system is like this:
BL Passive ML connected to a BLC – NL connected to a Beosystem 4, BV11 and another BLC with an A.Master ML connected. Right?
Are there more ML devices connected to the A.Master? or speakers connected?