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BeoVision 10 & Beovision 8-40 Software Change Log

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BeoVision 10 & Beovision 8-40 Software Change Log

BV10 + BV8 40 SW (valid for BV8 40, BV10 40, BV10 46, BV7 32mkV, BV6 26 mkII) latest Build : 224 - 2/2012 (no changelog)

Build 210 - 09/2011 (no changelog)
Build 165 - 02/2011 (no changelog)
Build 155 - 01/2011 (no changelog)
Build 153 - 10/2010 - Changelog :

- Low picture/menu quality on DVB-HD
- A loud ticking noise is heard when stepping up/down on Humax 5050/5000 set-top box
- The previous factory Build 126 had issues resolved by this update
- After a period of time there is no set-top box IR-control
- Incorrect translation from DVB-HD

Build 127 - 5/07/2010 -Changelog :
- Fixes the DVB-HD blocking problem of build 126 (if Radio and then standby was selected)

Build 126 Release date 1-07-2010 (added a DVB-HD blocking problem if Radio and then standby was selected, updated by build 127)
- Darker default picture on BV10 in order to lower visible clouding
- Hideous timer logo removed from DVH-HD startup, replaced by a small B&O logo
- Naming of sources can be personnalised by user (BV7-style)

Version Build 109e Release date 26-04-2010 (no changelog)

Version Build 109b. Release date 15-03-2010 (no changelog)

Version Build 86b. Release date 28-10-2009, new Features :

1. On-screen menus changed (black menus)
2. Sleep timer function.
3. You can add additional HDMI sources connecting an HDMI Expander to the HDMI B socket.
4. Speaker mode 1 can be selected as standard setup in Video mode even if front and rear speakers are in the setup.
5. If used with RS4 software or higher on DVB-HD, then MHEG is possible in UK.


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