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BeoSystem 3 based TV's Software Change Log

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BeoSystem 3 based TV's Software Change Log

BS3 (valid for all BS3 based TVs) Latest software : 10.05a

SW 10.02 (build 814) - 11/2010 - Changelog :
- Bugfixes
- Possibility to deactivate center speaker
- Fans start up delayed by 20s

SW 9.01 (build 714) - 12/10/2010 - Changelog :
- Sleep Timer(how it could take B&O 1 million years to implement that i dont know?) :)
- "Game mode" under picture settings, don't know what it does.
- New DVB-HD logo instead of that hideous clock screen
- Fix for the dark screen issue?
- Auto standby

SW 8.12a (Build 632) 26/04/2010 - Changelog :

Build 632 - Master Link delay and feature activation.
New features
1. Sound delay for sound on Master Link, elimination of echo when same source is used in main and link room.
See also Master Link delay
2. Possibility of naming individual sources, e.g. the source name “PC” can be changed to “MyMac”.
The option is present on all sources connected to an AV connection, but not on built-in sources.
3. Feature activation incl. support for HDMI video distribution.
· Activation of this feature requires purchase of an activation key specific to the television set.
· Distribution of HD signals via HDMI/CAT7 cables to link rooms using an HDMI Matrix (third-party equipment).
· Can ONLY be controlled by Beo5. Special template is being developed.
4. Setup option for Beo4 Setting, only “no Navigation button” can be selected, feature is for future use.

SW 8.02 (Build 551) - 03/2010

(no changelog)

SW 7.05 (Build 551) - 02/11/2009 :

1. No menu, no overlay menu, no curtains (Build 548).
2. Menus and OSD disappeared (Build 548).
3. BeoSystem 3 freezes when receiving DTV+CINEMA_OFF from standby (Build 548).
4. TV does not go into standby, and standby diode is blinking (slow flash) (Build 548).
5. Intermittently the television switches off (Build 548).
6. ACM crashes when source is YPbPr in High-Definition (was solved in Build 533) (Build 548).
7. No volume bar after using EPG in DVB-HD (Build 548).
8. Panel info says 50 Hz and not 100 Hz (Build 548).
9. No link control of DTV source (STB), if main room television is in standby (was solved in Build 533).
10. Lip-sync on Blu-ray does not match.
11. Timer on DTV-RADIO. Turn on to last shown TV (DTV) channel when link TV is connected.
12. Non B&O screen: Screen switches on when switching off from audio mode.
13. Not correct channel is showed when Play timer from another favourites list is programmed.
14. Difference in sound level between DVB picture and DVB Full-text.
15. Different issues with opening and closing curtains (half open-half closed).
16. Mixed sound from Radio and DVD in link room.
17. Stand does not always turn to stored positions.

Note : This update adds a bug on BV7 which makes the fan too much audible... Next update : 7.11, soon!

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