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Beosound 4 Software Change Log

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Beosound 4 Software Change Log

Beosound 4 SW 2.15/1.31c - 7/12/2009, New functionality on A. MEM, new Features :

1. Compatibility with SDHC card (High Capacity SD cards 4 GB to 16 GB)
2. Ability to start recording from remote control
3. Ability to copy only selected tracks from a CD to the SD card
4. The ability to make timer recording on SD card
5. Ability to fast forward and back when playing from SD card
6. Resume playback from the SD card after source change or turn off
7. Compatibility with Master Link Gateway (redirection of light and control commands)

Recent Comments

By: Paul Posted on Sun, Jan 1 2017 3:10 PM

Is it possible to update a Beosound 4 without returning to a service centre?

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