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PUC Library with Manufacturers N-P

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PUC Library with Manufacturers N-P

The following List contains the 3rd party manufacturers between N and P and show the latest file versions available to dealers on 3rd March 2013

NAD DVD T557 V02,00a
Nanoxx STB 9500 HD V01,00a
Nanoxx STB 9501 HD V01,10a
Nanoxx STB 9502 HD V02,00a
Nanoxx STB 9503 HD V02,10a
Nanoxx STB 9504 HD V02,20a
Naxoo STB Drivebox7100 V01,00a
Naxoo STB Drivebox7100 V02,00a
Naxoo STB One V02,00a
Naxoo STB One V02,10a
nbox STB nbox ITI-5800SX V01,00a
Netgem STB N7600 V02,00a
Netgem STB N7600 V02,10a
Netgem STB N8200 V02,00a
Netgem STB STB V01,00a
Netgem STB STB V02,00a
NOKIA STB 119C V01,10a
NOKIA STB 210S V01,00a
NOKIA STB 220S V01,10a
NOKIA STB 260C V01,00a
NOKIA STB 260S V01,10a
NOKIA STB 260T V01,40a
NOKIA STB 310T V01,10a
NOKIA STB 9470S V01,40a
NOKIA STB 9470S212T V01,40a
NOKIA STB Dbox V01,20a
NOKIA STB DVB9701S V01,20a
NOKIA STB MkIIDbox V01,30a
NOKIA STB MM9200 V01,20a
NOKIA STB MM9602S V01,10a
NOKIA STB MM9800S V01,30a
NOKIA STB MM9820T V01,10a
NOKIA STB MM9850T V01,10a
NOKIA STB MM9902S V01,20a
NOKIA STB 310T V02,00a
Nokia STB 8660C V01,00a
Nokia STB 9860s V01,00a
NOKIA STB DVB9701S V02,00a
Nokia STB DVB9701S V02,10a
Nova STB HD 831 V02,00a
Now STB BroadbandTV V01,00a
Now STB BroadbandTV V02,00a
NPG STB MiniDTR101A V01,00a
NPG STB MiniDTR101A V02,00a
Nuna STB MHP-9300 V01,10a
Nyko OTHER BluWave PS3 V02,00a
O2 STB IPTV V02,00a
OCA STB STB50-8600 (EN) V02,00a
Olive HOME MEDIA 4 HD V02,00a
Olive OTHER 5 HD V02,00a
Olive STB Olive Musica V02,00a
ONdigital STB PACE V01,20a
ONdigital STB PHILIPS V01,30a
Onkyo STB DS-A2X Dock V01,00a
Onkyo STB DS-A3 V01,00a
Openbox STB F300 V02,00a
Openbox STB S4 HD V02,00a
Oppo DVD BDP-103 V02,10a
Oppo DVD BDP-103 V02,20a
Oppo DVD BDP93 V02,00a
Oppo DVD BDP93 V02,10a
Oppo DVD DV981 V01,00a
Opticum STB 7100CXE V02,00a
Orange STB UHD 86 V02,00a
pace STB AUSTRALIA V01,40a
pace STB DS230 V01,00a
PACE STB DS420 V01,00a
PACE STB DS460NV V01,10a
pace STB DTVA-UK V01,10a
pace STB ntl4000 V01,00a
pace STB ntl4001 V01,60a
pace STB SKY V01,60a
pace STB CubePac1 V01,00a
pace STB CubePac1 V02,00a
pace STB Digiturk V02,00a
pace STB DiT7100 V02,00a
pace STB DS230 V02,00a
pace STB DS420 V02,00a
pace STB DS460NV V01,20a
pace STB DS830NV V01,00a
pace STB DS830NV V02,00a
pace STB DS830NV V02,10a
pace STB DSR 7231 CP-France V02,00a
pace STB DSR7141-24 V02,00a
pace STB DSR7141-24 V02,10a
pace STB Etisalat 7910 V02,00a
pace STB NZ-DS230NNZ V01,00a
pace STB NZ-DS230NNZ V02,00a
pace STB NZ-TD850NZZ V01,00a
pace STB NZ-TD850NZZ V02,00a
pace STB NZ-TD850NZZ V02,10a
pace STB SKY-HD1 DS830NP V02,00a
pace STB SkyPLUS V01,90a
pace STB SkyPLUS V02,00a
pace STB SKY V02,00a
pace STB TDS850IMC V02,00a
pace STB TDS850NV-ViaSat V01,00a
pace STB TDS850NV-ViaSat V01,20a
pace STB TDS850NV-ViaSat V01,30a
pace STB TDS850NV-ViaSat V01,40a
pace STB TDS850NV-ViaSat V01,50a
pace STB TDS850NV-ViaSat V01,60a
pace STB TDS850NV-ViaSat V02,00a
pace STB TDS855NV-ViaSat V02,00a
pace STB TDS865COS V02,00a
pace STB TDS865NV V02,00a
pace STB ViasatDN250 V01,00a
pace STB Zon Iris DCR 8151 V02,00a
pace STB ZON V02,00a
Panasonic DVD Asia7655Y10 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD CATV V01,00a
Panasonic DVD D4744S V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMP-BBT01 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMP-BD55 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMP-BD55 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMP-BDT210 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMP-BDT500 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMPBD10EU V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMR-BS850 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMR-BS850 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMR-BW1000 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMR-BW500 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMR-BW500 V01,10a
Panasonic DVD DMR-BW500 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMR-EX87 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMR-EX87 V01,10a
Panasonic DVD DMR-EX87 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMREH65 V01,20a
Panasonic DVD DMRES15 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMRES15 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DMREX150 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMREX150 V01,10a
Panasonic DVD DMREZ17 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DMRPWT520GL V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DVDF87 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DVDF87 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DVDS52 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DVDXP50V2 V01,00a
Panasonic DVD DVDXP50V2 V02,00a
Panasonic DVD DVDXP50V2 V02,10a
Panasonic DVD G-BLURAY V01,00a
Panasonic DVD G-BLURAY V02,00a
Panasonic DVD G-BLURAY V02,10a
Panasonic DVD GPanasonicDVD V01,00a
Panasonic DVD GPanasonicDVD V01,10a
Panasonic DVD GPanasonicDVD V02,00a
Panasonic DVD RP91K V01,00a
Panasonic DVD RP91K V02,00a
Panasonic DVD RP91K V02,10a
Panasonic DVD TZ-DZH505 V01,00a
Panasonic SCREEN Panasonic V01,00a
Panasonic SCREEN Panasonic V01,10a
Panasonic SCREEN TH58PX600 V01,00a
Panasonic STB DMR-BW900 V01,00a
Panasonic STB DMREX100 V01,00a
Panasonic STB TZ-BCH1000 V01,00a
Panasonic STB TZ-DCH2830 V01,00a
Panasonic STB TZ-DCH8000 V01,00a
Panasonic STB TZDCH2000 V01,00a
Panasonic STB TZDZH505 V01,00a
Panasonic STB TU-CT20 V01,20a
Panasonic STB TUCTH100 V01,20a
Panasonic STB TUDC40RD V01,00a
Panasonic STB TUHDT104A V01,00a
Panasonic VCR PVv4525s V01,00a
Panasonic VCR PVVS4821 V01,00a
Peer Station STB SIG 220IE V02,00a
Philips STB Dbox V01,00a
Philips DVD BDP9600 V02,00a
Philips DVD HDRW720 V01,00a
Philips DVD Philips-DVP5960 V01,00a
Philips DVD Philips-DVP5960 V01,10a
Philips STB Astro V01,00a
Philips STB DCR1201 V01,00a
Philips STB DCR1201 V02,00a
Philips STB DCR1211 V01,10a
Philips STB DSR 81212 V01,00a
Philips STB DSR222103 V01,00a
Philips STB DSR6201 V01,00a
Philips STB DSR7005 V01,00a
Philips STB DSR7005 V02,00a
Philips STB DSR7121 V01,00a
Philips STB DSR7121 V02,00a
Philips STB DSR7131 V01,00a
Philips STB DSR7131 V02,00a
Philips STB DTR7200 V01,00a
Philips STB DTR7200 V01,10a
Philips STB DVR5100 V01,00a
Philips STB NetworkFR V01,00a
Philips STB NetworkFR V02,00a
Philips STB Tivo V01,10a
Pioneer DVD DBRS210F V01,30a
Pioneer DVD BDP-LX70A V01,00a
Pioneer DVD BDPV6000New V02,00a
Pioneer DVD DVR555H V02,00a
Pioneer DVD G-PioneerBluRay V01,00a
Pioneer DVD G-PioneerBluRay V02,00a
Pioneer DVD PioneerBDP94HD V01,00a
Pioneer DVD PioneerBDP94HD V02,00a
Pioneer DVD PioneerDV46AV V01,00a
Pioneer DVD PioneerDV46AV V02,00a
Pioneer SCREEN Elite1140HD V01,00a
Pioneer SCREEN PDP5070HD2 V01,00a
Pioneer SCREEN PDP6100HD V01,00a
Pioneer SCREEN ProFHD1 V01,00a
Pioneer STB BDV370X V01,30a
Pioneer STB BDV370X V01,40a
Pioneer STB BDV370 V01,20a
PLANET STB PL9000 V01,20a
PolkAudio STB XRT12 V01,00a
PolkAudio STB XRT12 V02,00a
Popcorn Hour OTHER A-300 V02,00a
Primare DVD PrimareKorea V01,00a
Primare DVD V25-NEW V01,00a

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