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PUC Library Listing

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PUC Library Listing

The PUC performs the same function as the STB-C used in older Beovisions (See other Technical WiKi) except it is software updateable from an ever growing library.

This library is regularly updated by B&O and made available to dealers who can then provide updates to meet their customers requirements. The PUC can hold around 25 STB controller entries, so each PUC would be tailored to each customers needs.

The lists are split into six section as follows:-

  1. Manufacturers A-D
  2. Manufacturers E-H
  3. Manufacturers I-M
  4. Manufacturers N-P
  5. Manufacturers Q-S
  6. Manufacturers T-Z

The lists of 3rd party products in the PUC library was last updated 3rd March 2013

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By: Frankyman Posted on Fri, Dec 28 2012 6:34 PM

Dear Keith,

Is their a new puc list?

Is 29 feb 2012 the last list


Frank van Woudenberg

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