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Upload pics

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Upload pics

Make sure your pics are smaller than 1000 Kbs

To upload pics to your files and keep them on the forum server, for later use, when making a longer thread, do like this

Click view all files, way down in the right corner

If you uploads pics without making folders, you will get all your pics in "my files". If you make folders, you can only make 9-10 folders, if more folders, you wont be able to open them when posting. And remember, write folder names like when you had a Comodore or PS1 computer, Nospaces in Folder name.


After adding a folder, you get this pane, open the newly added folder.

To add pics to folder, click browse, find the pic in your computer, click open or double click, then click add file.

After clicking Add File, your pane should look like this.

Now continue to Browse, select pic, Add File to this folder, or make one more folder and do the same there.

How to post the pics in your Thread or Answer, I will post in another page, its a Looong story, as we are working with bad or Outdated server software.

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By: Rolf 2 Posted on Mon, May 21 2012 9:32 PM

Thanks for this Wiki, very helpful, that helped me to upload my first Avatar!



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