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Pickup cleaner

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Pickup cleaner

A USD 0.02 pickup cleaner

1. Buy Original Magic Eraser pad, cut to size, use the rest for cleaning aluminum, plastic, inox and what so ever.

2. Insert a clean unused tooth pick end, 5 Mm. into the flat end of the ME piece.

3. Just dip the pickup needle into the professional pickup cleaner a couple of times, if very dirty scrape carefully with the pointed edge of the professional pick up cleaner.

3. Result, the pics taken before cleaning came out bad, but there is a difference to be seen, I'm not a professional photographer, I'm a professional pickup cleaner [L#]

Recent Comments

By: bidstonhall Posted on Mon, Jul 1 2013 4:29 AM

hi soren, was looking at a couple of videos on youtube about magic eraser last week, hoping to track them down on ebay u.k. at some point, glad to see you are using them,that's convinced me to try it out, cheers

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