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How can I test the bass response of my loudspeakers?

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How can I test the bass response of my loudspeakers?

First, connect your PC to your audio system! Second, download the following "Bass Response Test" and save it to your PC as an MP3 file. Connect up your audio system and listen as the bass tones descend from 340Hz (mid bass) to 20Hz (the lower limit of human hearing). The frequency of each successive note is announced, so you can work out the limit of your audio system from the point where the tones disappear - the results may surprise you!

For the ultimate bass extension test, the following "20 Hz Test Tone" in MP3 format will tell you if you speakers can plumb the depths of human hearing, with a long clear note at the very edge of audibility which will test even the best loudspeakers in the World to their limits!

For reference, the lowest note on a Tuba, Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano and most cathedral pipe organs (C0) is 16.35 Hz, although few modern pianos go lower than 27.5Hz and a four string double bass "only" reaches down to around 41Hz.

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