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Beocord 5000, Disassamply

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Beocord 5000, Disassamply

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Got to the Beocord yesterday, everybody knows how to take of the top cover, so here goes. Take of the command panel, pres the taps. red arrows, to the inside and upwards with a screw driver, then carefully pull the panel up and out.Be careful there is a cable connection below.

Now take off all the red pressure taps, press down with a finger and wiggle a little with a screw driver between tap and chassis, careful, old plastic.

Free the PCB support and raise it to upright pos. both sides, green arrow, free the cables from the clamps, red arrows, pull the plug, blue arrow.

Loosen 2 screws just behind the front panel and tilt it forward to free the PCB.

Now lift up the PCB, careful, its very thin and may brake. Disconnect the command panel plug. When pulling the plugs Laughing place your fingers at the arrows and wiggle it little by little side to side until it comes lose. take out the 2 front panel screws. Pull the 2 plugs for the front panel and take it out.

Panel out, at the arrows you will see some taps that hooks into the chassis, remember these when you put it in again

Raise the panel and secure it with the supports on the back side.

Pull the plugs for the tape unit.

Unscrew the sound cable brackets, and the ground wire behind the power supply PCB

The other side one more ground.

Loosen the cable clamp, blue no arrow Laughing, just bend it with a plier and pull it out from the lower hole, cables free. Pull the 2 plugs, loosen the 2 PCB supports and lift out the PCB.

Unscrew 3 screws and lift out the tape unit.

The drawer motor and drive is secured with 1 screw, take it out and twist with a screw driver, lift out. Mine had no band, and I didn't find rests inside, so someone was here before me.

All out, take out the 4 screws.

Red arrow, this is not a tap, its a highs adjusting shim.

When the roller guides are out, be sure to place the shims so you know to get them back in the same place.

When you take apart the drawer guides, be careful with the E clips, I call them Jesus Christ, because thats what I scream when they fly through the work shop, they seam to have a life of their own.

Clean of all old grease (Iso alcohol) and add new grease, I use silicone grease.

Drawer drive, clean, grease, remember the blade spring pos.

At the tape unit you will find old grease at the red arrows, clean add new grease, I use a pipe cleaner and cotton swabs.

Now change all bands and caps, put it all together again adjust everithing and were done, Big Smile

Will be be back with more, when parts arrive


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By: Søren Mexico Posted on Wed, Apr 4 2012 4:59 PM

This is a PIB, tried to copy and past from my thread, only text was pasted, will now have to insert all the pics manually, which means, going to my files, click view all files, click Sorens files, click the same again, click the folder, double click the pic, then find pos. for next pic, click film strip, click Sorens files, click Sorens files, click folder, find pic, double click pic, and that for every frigging pic, click, click, click ,click

By: Søren Mexico Posted on Wed, Apr 4 2012 5:06 PM

Went to edit, and surprise the pics was there, but not in the original post, edited the text a little, and Bingo there it is.

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