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<Members Own Technical Pages>

All Founder and Gold members may add their own technical pages to this Wiki. There is no limits on the number of...

3rd Party Products in the B&O PUC Library

This section provides lists of 3rd party products supported by the B&O PUC (Peripheral Unit Controller) which...

Aerial FAQ

FAQ about aerials used with B&O Products

Beo5/6 Information and Resources

THis is the parent Wiki for everything related to the Beo5 and Beo6 Remote Controls

Information about the STB-C Set Top Box Controller

The STB-C was used in older B&O TV's and are chip based compared with the PUC which is loaded from a PC...

Product Software Levels

This Technical Wiki provides Product Software Revision levels for most B&O products and the method that the...

Speaker Repairs

A short overview about speaker repairs

Video Instruction WiKi's

This is a WiKi for Technical Videos which provide instruction on various B&O related topics

PUC Library with Manufacturers Q-S

The following List contains the 3rd party manufacturers between Q and S and show the latest file versions available...
Revision #2 Posted to 3rd Party Products in the B&O PUC Library by Keith Saunders on Mon, Mar 4 2013

Speaker Surround Repair

Driver foam surrounds gets old and brittle with use and years, so vintage drivers (normally bass drivers) will...
Revision #8 Posted to Speaker Repairs by Søren Mexico on Mon, Jul 30 2012

BG CD50 Belt change

To attach a new belt in the BG CD50 is not for non technical people, if you have 10 thumps, stay away and get a...
Revision #2 Posted to <Members Own Technical Pages> by Søren Mexico on Fri, Jul 27 2012
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Post uploaded pics

Pics has to be less than 1000 Kbs Start a new thread, or post an answer in a thread Every time you insert a pick...
Revision #1 Posted to <Members Own Technical Pages> by Søren Mexico on Sun, May 6 2012
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