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Beo5 & Beo6 Introduction

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Beo5 & Beo6 Introduction

Product Overview

The B&O Beo5 and Beo6 remote controls are intended to compliment the Beo4 and not replace it. It is a fully flexible and personalised remote control that can handle the operation of any product combination, providing an individual solution for the user. It can be adapted to the system setup, it adapts to the surrounding light conditions and can be adapted to any users specific requirements.

Ease-of-use through logical and intuitive operation introducing a new ONE Touch-and-Go operation, yet the operation is based on principles most people are familiar with from Beo4. Divided into two; a physical tactile operation on the ball called the "Hard Keys" in combination with a programmable soft-touch operation on a glass display. One-touch operation of the most important functions, and situation-dependent operation.

The distinctive design is a combination of the square and the circle in a three-dimensional solution that stands out no matter where you put it. You can hold it firmly in your hand while accessing all functions with the tip of your thumb. The Beo5/6 is an extension of the operation principles most people are familiar with and centred around the star shaped button, the arrow keys and the volume wheel, which lie in the aluminium ball.

The new element is the touch display, where you have three fixed soft keys (a bit of a contradiction) which is all that is needed to operate the system. With Beo5/6 and the combination of buttons on the ball and the soft-keys in the display, you now have almost endless possibilities. You no longer have to have functions that are not required for your system setup.

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