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Battery Replacement Procedure

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Battery Replacement Procedure

Beo5 Battery Replacement

The following describes the steps needed to remove and/or replace the battery in a Beo5. The battery used in the Beo5 is a 1,350 mAh, 2.5 Volt battery and a replacement can be purchased from B&O using part number 8700091

First unscrew the three (3) star screws using the correct size screwdriver as shown below
Carefully pull down the adapter interface as shown below:-
Gently push down the keypad
Now remove the cables
Now remove the two (2) screws which holds the battery clip
Now you can remove the clip and battery and connect the new battery.

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Thanks a lot

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By: Gregg Posted on Thu, Jul 9 2020 4:14 AM

Just did this on a Beo 6. It took an hour. Very important - when disconnecting the connectors due it in this order: Charger base, battery, ribbon cable. Installing, do the reverse: ribbon cable, battery, charger base. The reason for this is that a minor misalignment of the ribbon cable while inserting can cause a short if there is battery power.

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