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Louannec - France
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corle48 wrote Raccordement BL18 + BL19 + BS core
on Wed, Mar 3 2021 3:45 PM


Comme vous me l'avez proposé je vous contact pour obtenir vos conseils et doc de raccordement de cette installation

Merci pour votre aide et votre temps.


Chris wrote Moment
on Sun, Feb 22 2015 11:58 AM

Voila, did a fresh install on the mac mini, no traces anymore to iTunes just one directory with 4 albums (Mp3, Aiff, m4a, Flac)  52 songs. I'm waiting, waiting... Made also a Beocare mail with the problems. Will make another mail with the install problems, after a factory reset sometimes its very hard for the Moment to find the TV speakers and connect, had to reset again 3 times before it works.

Bet regards Chris

Chris wrote Moment
on Sun, Feb 22 2015 11:03 AM

Hope your not finding this a bad way to communicate, it would be to much to pollute the thread in beoworld.

This morning I tried some albums who appear in the BeoMusic app, the cover appears correctly but no sound and it changed to next song, next song....... It was a 24/96 album in Aiff, I changed it to M4A, to Flac still not working. All my iTunes playlists appaers in BeoMusic, but nothing on the jukebox. I could not try the Moment on my speakers because the Moment did not find them today. Yesterday was everything fine.... in finding the speakers.

Again a reset to factory settings today, and I will remove completely my iTunes directory from the mac mini. Make a new music directory, put that 24/96 flac file into it and let it scan again, Pffff!

Let me now how you advance

Best regards Chris

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