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  • Re: End of an Era :(

    STBbrackets is still the reason I wake up in the Morning and will be the reason for many years to come! For clarity here........... STB has a legal agreement with Bang & Olufsen, I can't go into a lot of detail here, but this is the important part. They kindly give us access to models and mechanical samples at least 6 months prior to new product launch and we submit all of our designs for approval. Everything STB makes is approved in Struer. The product design team might ask us to modify
  • Signed by Jens Bang - 80 year "Spark to Icon" book

    I've had this in storage since 2005, signed by the author on the inside jacket. I am clearing out my private collection and this is a great addition for BeoFans everywhere selling on ebay Thursday this week " Signed by Peter Bang’s son, Jens who is the author of this definitive history of B&O. Brand new in the original shipping sleeve and kept in storage since 2005. This is the first edition 80 year (2005) book which Jens has signed on the
  • Re: Part 2 : LifeStyle AV - Changes..

    Dave from King Street !!! - Hope all is well in your world, and best wishes from Herbie Sykes
  • Re: Beoremote One Wall Bracket new

    As you can see from my very low tally of posts, I have been sitting on the sidelines for a very long time. Some of you will know that I have been sponsoring this site for a decade or more (from Steve's time before Lee took over the helm) so i'm not new to BeoWorld. But I keep myself to myself - generally. On this topic I have a comment to make though. The bracket made by STB is very much a collaborative venture with Struer and fully endorsed by Bang & Olufsen. We do not say on our site
  • Re: BeoRemote One Wall Holder

    Hi Aegnor - you are 'in the hat' I will be picking the winner(s) first thing tomorrow and I'll inform Lee - which is how this usually works. So its not too late - Just as a possible point of interest, my plan was to give a free BeoRemote One wall bracket to the 34th person who said that they wanted one. Nothing more complex than that. I obviously overestimated demand for free stuff :-) I will be basing my 'winners' on an alternative precept now. There is Video on the bracket here
  • Re: Any Cyclists on BeoWorld? Look at THIS !!!

    I don't usually post as you regular users already know......I sit on the sidelines and keep my mouth firmly shut........but on this occasion........ I thought that it would be nice for the employees of the company, the dealers and fans (advocates) of the brand to have a suitable kit for the gym, road or off-road. There are surely lots of us who ride regularly, and we inevitably have to choose appropriate clothing. What better than some branded kit ? There Is a huge amount of debate about brand
  • Re: Any Cyclists on BeoWorld? Look at THIS !!!

    Hi Punch mine was a general explanation of why I wanted to produce this line. I intended to write last week, but I just didn't get round to it - too busy riding my bike I guess :-) I applaud you taking every opportunity to dig into 9Lee ! Though I confess to getting on very well with Lee Certainly no offence taken by me and thanks for your kind words - we try our best on a daily basis. I'm lucky to work with a great team of people at STB Having celebrated 30 years as a dealer this month.
  • Re: Any Cyclists on BeoWorld? Look at THIS !!!

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