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  • Re: Beomaster5 to iMac

    You can mount the BM-disk on your Mac. Open a Terminal and run the following commands: mkdir -p ~/mnt/beomaster mount_smbfs //BM-USER:xxxxxx@ipaddress/BM-SHARE\$ ~/mnt/beomaster The first command is needed only once (to create a directory called "beomaster" within a directory "mnt" in your user home directory). With the second command you actually mount the BM-disk on that "beomaster" directory. Replace the xxxxxx with the BM-USER password on the BM, and replace "ipaddress"
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by AlainCallebaut on Sat, Jan 26 2019
  • Re: Beomaster 5 does not connect to the internet

    From what I found on the BeoMaster, I believe it is running Windows 2000, and not XP. But that doesn't make a big difference, it needs SMBv1 indeed. To connect to it from a Windows 10 machine, you can enable SMBv1 Client on your Windows 10. On your Windows 10 Configuration, go to Remove Programs (even if it is to Add something). Go to Enable/Disable Windows Components and look for Support for SMB 1.0/CIFS for File Sharing. Expand the option and select SMB 1.0/CIFS-client (no need for server)
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by AlainCallebaut on Fri, Jan 11 2019
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