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  • Beolit 707 renovation.

    I've recently bought a Beolit 707 from a 'well-known auction site'. Accurately described and basically in good condition: working but shabby. I've succeeded in removing the top panel, cleaned out the grooves for the ball-bearings (without losing my balls) and removed most of the internal dust from the radio. I painted a bead of epoxy resin around the joint between the speaker magnet and the basket, as I understand that the magnets can become detached. I still need to deal with the
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by kimberley on Sat, Dec 15 2018
    Filed under: Beolit
  • Re: the best passive B&O speaker for the 5000,5500,6500 and 7000 system

    I have used (and provided friends with) several systems based around the BM5000 and BM5500 (and the BM6000, come to think of it). I have found the amplifiers capable of driving a wide range of passive loudspeakers without problems, basically it comes down to what size of 'speakers you can accommodate and the type of music you want to listen to - although the better the 'speakers you can have, the less the genre of music matters. For 'full range', if you have the space, I'd agree
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kimberley on Mon, May 14 2018
  • Re: BeoGram 4000 cartridge carrier.

    Thank you. Could you give an idea of the cost, please? Can you supply the 3D printed part, or should I buy one (from BeoLover?) for you to fit? Hope the M150s arrived O.K., your courier seemed very good. Adam.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kimberley on Thu, May 3 2018
  • Re: Help needed from New member for B&O 5500 system

    As noted by others, I'm not sure why you wouldn't connect the cassette recorder and the turntable to the Beomaster. Apart from other considerations, if you have the Master Control Panel remote control, you'll be able to control some aspects of the BeoGram and most for the BeoCord from your listening seat. I have used Beomasters 5000, 6000, 5500 & 8000 with non-B&O 'speakers with no problems - as have many other users. Lower power handling by the 'speakers than the output
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kimberley on Wed, May 2 2018
  • BeoGram 4000 cartridge carrier.

    Well, the inevitable has happened and my cartridge carrier has fractured, unfortunately with the 'tongue' firmly inserted into a newly repaired MM20CL which now flaps uselessly on the end of the arm. I have read here that 3D printed replacement carriers are being made and are effective. Is anyone in the U.K. offering an installation service for the cartridge carriers? Although I feel I ought to be able to do the work myself, I'm about to move house, so I'm not sure when (or if) I'll
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kimberley on Sat, Apr 28 2018
  • Re: Beogram 1800 (type 581x) Antiskate problem

    I would try setting up the arm, both for tracking weight and the anti-skating bias, with a test record. If the anti-skating bias adjustment is too powerful - if the spring is the wrong strength, for example - results from a test record will tell you and enable you to set the bias required. With both Lenco and SME arms (though not with B&O turntables) using the 'string & weight' anti-skating bias, which should be more reproducible than a spring of unknown force, I often found the the
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by kimberley on Thu, Apr 19 2018
  • Re: Soldering stations

    Not entirely 'off topic': have members had any problems with soldering iron power/temperature changing from lead solder to lead-free? I had the impression at first that I had to wait longer for the iron to reach temperature (reasonable, as tin-based solders have a higher flow temperature) but also, my favourite old soldering iron seemed to suffer fast tip wear. Any experience out there?
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by kimberley on Wed, Apr 18 2018
  • Re: Beovox M150 woofers 'dead'.

    I shouldn't be 'plugging' my eBay listing here, but I'll point out that the Sonabs are space-efficient because the design required them to be hard up against the wall, and the PMCs are very small. My wall-papered stands are my contribution to domestic harmony. Much admired by visitors. The M150s are of course a different matter when it comes to staying married. They are big, heavy and uncompromising on their stands. Can't be disguised as anything, but with working woofers they
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by kimberley on Wed, Apr 18 2018
  • BeoGram 8000 Photo-resistor.

    I've been told that the photoresistor used with the bulb and shutter for controlling the tracking of the arm on the BG8000 (and the BG8002?) is no longer available. Is there a source for these? If not, is there a 'work-round' for controlling the arm tracking another way? I've tried searching old postings here but haven't found an answer. It would be a great shame if these impressive turntables are one by one to become elegant paperweights when they can no longer play records.
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by kimberley on Mon, Apr 16 2018
  • Re: Beovox M150 woofers 'dead'.

    With great regret (i'd have liked to repair them myself), I've put them on eBay, hopefully honestly described. I'm moving house soon, so even if the drivers were repaired and returned quite quickly, I'd have insufficient time for the rebuild, and I'm told that I "can't take it all"... so the larger items must go. I hope someone has fun with them: they were outstanding when they were working properly and should be again after renovation. Thanks to all of you who replied
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by kimberley on Sun, Apr 15 2018
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