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  • Re: What Are You Working On Now

    [quote user="Leslie"] [quote user="pacificocean"] Leslie where did you get the stripes from for the redlines? [/quote] The "stripes" are satin ribbon 7mm which can be bought in every (sorry, Dutch word) "fournituren" shop.I just bought these satin ribbons on Ebay . Let's wait how they will look like. [/quote] I'm gonna have to try that one. Like the idea of having a choice of colour instead of being stuck with light gray. Although I must confess I find
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Stoney3K on Mon, Apr 30 2012
  • Re: Workbench tools

    I have one of those Owon LCD scopes (PDS5022S) as well, and for most debugging and repair work they are a great asset. The scope has USB on the back so you can hook it to your computer, record waveforms and do analysis on the data later, which is very useful -- I used it to record all signals off the Datalink bus and successfully reverse engineer the protocol. Owon also has some more expensive models (the MSO range) which have a logic analyzer and built-in spectrum analyzer, which are very handy
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Stoney3K on Mon, Apr 30 2012
  • Beovox RL trim strap details

    I picked up a pair of Beovox RL45.2 speakers at a flea market today to complement my Beosystem 2000. They still sound like clockwork, but have the common problem of having damaged grill straps. Now the speakers were only 30 euros *for the pair*, so I got a good bargain out of them, but I still want to restore them to their original cosmetic condition as much as possible. So I need some good RL series straps to go across my speaker grills. The easy way is to purchase new ones from Iconic AV or cut
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Stoney3K on Mon, Apr 30 2012
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