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  • Re: Experiences with U.S. B&O dealers?

    It's a little sad how unknown the brand is in the US though from chatting to people that's more a cultural thing than a "B&O is bad" thing. I'm from Scotland, living in the US now, and there's a real love for cost and utility over aesthetics in products. It's rather depressing. Given the choice people in the US seem to want to pay less for a tacky but newer spec'd product than a nicer one that lasts longer. You see it in cars where people want lots of shiny fake
    Posted to BeoWorld North America (Forum) by Calvin on Wed, Jul 1 2020
  • Century Tape Mechanism Clicking sound

    I was sitting next to my Century playing a tape when suddenly it started to increase in pitch and I quickly hit Stop just in case something was going wrong and was going to snap the tape. About 20 seconds later it made 6 clicking sounds and now pressing the tape does nothing but recreate the clicking sounds. The tape is also trapped inside. My initial thoughts are belts have gone on the clutch wheels or something like that and I thought I'd check if this is a common fault so that I can at least
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Mon, Jun 8 2020
    Filed under: Century Tape
  • Re: Serene phone

    I used mine for about 10 years until it gave up on me, quirky but a great little thing. I used to always call people rather than texting/whatsapp though I did keep an ipod touch for music on the go and a bit of web browsing if I was in a bar/cafe waiting on someone to arrive. I guess I'm trapped in the smartphone world now because I have a youtube channel and I use the video/camera/memos stuff a lot but I do miss having a phone that lasted several days between charges. I always remember how I
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Wed, Jan 1 2020
  • Re: Vintage selection - What to mix and match?

    Speaker systems are either passive (80s) or active (90s) but a lot of stuff then can use either, depends on model numbers and the connectors are proprietary but fairly standard. I'd just be aware that at this stage in life, you're likely to need to replace capacitors, belts and speaker foam so you'd either want a setup where that had been done, or possibly go older where the parts are larger and easier to service. If it's cheap then you're likely going to have to spend more time
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Tue, Oct 1 2019
  • Re: Overture

    You also get bluetooth "cassettes" that allow you to broadcast from an iphone into the tape drive. Certainly I'd recommend saving the AUX socket for something else, either a 3mm cable (so you can plug into devices with a headphone jack) or maybe pick up a record player to put on a nearby cabinet. In the case of the latter make sure it's a deck with a built-in pre-amp
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Sat, Aug 31 2019
  • Re: Portable sound without a phone or local network?

    The BS2 was actually my first every B&O product! £500 I think it was back in 2004? At the time I actually had a 6GB hard drive Archos mp3 player which I 'downgraded' to the 512MB flash drive because the B&O was so awesome looking, plus the sound. A friend of mine has it on permanent loan and I now usually just listen to audiobooks/podcasts when I'm out and about so I don't really need a music player on my travels, though I'd recommend one as something a B&O fan
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Sun, Aug 11 2019
  • Re: Portable sound without a phone or local network?

    I’ve had it a few weeks now and it’s a pretty neat little unit, maybe there’s a “survivors paradox” with the touch pads (the ones that work still are the good ones). But if a pain writing the flash cards to be compatible but now I have a half dozen genre albums. For the most part my favourite things are that I can hang it easily which is nice in the garden but also that it’s metal, not the usual black thin cloth, so I don’t need to worry about it as much
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Fri, Aug 9 2019
  • Re: Apple TV Question

    Alternatively, look at getting a second hand Mac Mini on eBay for the same price, along with a wireless keyboard+trackpad (Logitech do a nice combined one). You now have proper YouTube, BBC iPlayer, plus a full computer, rather than the fairly basic Apple TV experience.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Sun, Aug 4 2019
  • Re: BeoSouind 3 not reading SD card

    Thanks for the link above, years later and it's still working! I just copied files to a disk from my Mac and it didn't work. Formatted it correctly like above and it did! Although I had to change the disk name from "Easy Listening" to "Smooth" so maybe it's just the name compatibility thing that threw it. Ie perhaps the Mac's modern standards allow that but the older SD card ones made it unreadable to the BS3? [edit] Nope, it's the not the long name because
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Fri, Aug 2 2019
  • Re: ANNOUNCEMENT -- Incident with the Beoworld Server yesterday

    20 TB ?! Out of curiosity, how is the data storage that high? Do Gold Members get access to special feature length films like 30 hours of Lee visiting Struer in real time? If I'd been put on the spot then I'd have guessed that the forums go back decades but are text based so they would be 50 gigabytes or so, maybe 200GB if there's a wealth of metadata and pictures. But there's actualy 20,000 GB? I have a Mac Pro with four 5TB drives, I have a vast (bordering on insanely large) library
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Calvin on Sun, Jul 14 2019
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