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  • Beovision 6, 26” gives væk

    Hej Jeg har et Beovision 6, 26” i overskud som kan afhentes i Aarhus uden beregning. Det er fuldt funktionsdygtigt men Det er en tidlig udgave uden DVB tuner. TV’et mangler højtaler grillen og lågerne over stikkene på bagsiden. Som det kan ses på billederne er højtalerne trykket lidt, men de fungerer fint, Derudover har den en del kosmetiske skrammer på kanter og en synlig ridse på glasset. Send en privat besked hvis har interesse
    Posted to BeoWorld Nordic (Forum) by madskp on Fri, Jul 31 2020
  • Re: Beolink Wireless

    Another option, depending of how much of the gear you have allready, could be buy a ml/nl converter for the music room and connect that to the WiFi via an adapter and have NL speakers/essence/core in the other rooms
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by madskp on Mon, Jul 27 2020
  • Re: I can't navigate around menus on Beoplay V1 with Beo4

    All menu navigation on the V1 has to be done with the little joystick in the center of the arrow keys on the BEO4 if you are not aware of that.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by madskp on Fri, Jul 17 2020
  • Re: DVD 1 Mk1 permanent multi-region change by dealers?

    Back in the late 90’s there was a Small danish company who made a small electronic board as a more permanent region change solution for DVD players from B&O and a lot of other brands. The solution was called a KeyMaster and had to be soldered to sevarel internal points on the print board of the DVD player. It will probably be difficult to find this solution today.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by madskp on Thu, Jul 16 2020
  • Re: Beogram 5005 (alternative version) repair

    Thanks for the input. After I posted I got an offer to switch it for another working unit, so Im dropping this repair.
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by madskp on Thu, Jul 16 2020
  • Beocord 2400 reel to reel

    Beocord 2400 reel to reel for sale In working condition but might need a little warmup at start. The dust cover is from another B&O product. There is also a couple of used tapes for it. Because of the weight pickup only either in Struer Denmark where it is located, or alternative in Aarhus Denmark. Asking price 100€ or give an offer.
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by madskp on Wed, Jul 15 2020
  • Beogram 5005 (alternative version) repair

    My parents has the alternative version of a beogram 5005 (that looks like a BG3000) without labels on the back and with orange letters on the front. When I try to turn it on it clicks once and the 33 lights up in the mini display for 3-4 seconds and then it clicks again and then nothing happens. When I remove the platter it seems like the motor is trying to move when this happens, but doesnt. The belt seems loose and should be changed in any case. But what else could cause this behaviour? Thanks
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by madskp on Tue, Jul 14 2020
  • Re: Beocom 1400/1 IR module…

    I had one quite a while back and it had a battery compartment with 2 or three AAA batteries
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by madskp on Thu, May 21 2020
  • Re: What started YOUR love for B&O?

    My father worked at B&O for 42 years, so B&O products was just allways in our House. I think my facination with the brand really started when I was arround 11-12 years old an saw the Beosystem AV 9000 with sorround Sound, Beolab 8000 and 6000 anf of course the iconic Beolink 7000 remote. Off course this was way to expensive for both me and my parents, so I was mostly drewling over the catalouges and shop windows. I think it was also there I read about the link system functionality which also
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by madskp on Sat, May 2 2020
  • Re: Apple TV 4/4K Siri remote and Beovision

    No problem. I think it’s always interesting to discover new features in the products I have. On a side note I just got my parents Beocenter 6-26 because they were not using it anymore. So when I have a little extra time I think I will do some experimentation with the ATV remote on this
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by madskp on Fri, Apr 24 2020
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