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  • Re: Beogram 3000 bearings and idler

    Hello Beogrowler, can you tell me where you got the new idler wheel from? I think mine is causing some speed issues for my Beocenter 3500 so I'm thinking about chaning it. Cheers!
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Paolo3500 on Mon, Mar 22 2021
  • Beocenter 3500 running

    Beocenter 3500 view into the running idler wheel and speed adjustment pyramid
    Posted to Beocentre Products (MediaGallery) by Paolo3500 on Mon, Mar 22 2021
  • Beocenter 3500 speed issues

    Hello together , I inherited a beautiful Beocenter 3500 from my grandmother and want to use it (mainly) as a turntable. The problem is, that it's playing my records too slowly. It's not reaching the original speed and the speed adjustment poti barely has an effect. Here is a video of the "sizziling/grinding" sound it makes: Here is what I already did: - Set the voltage to 220V (Germany) - Got a new belt and exchanged it - Took the motor
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Paolo3500 on Mon, Mar 22 2021
    Filed under: 3500, #beocenter3500, #beocente, #beocenter, #beogram3000
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