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  • Re: New owner/member Beosystem 5500

    update: New cartridge has the Beogram 5500 playing LPs and sounding great. Repaired one of the 2 Beocord 5500s with new drive belt, drawer belt, and drawer tires. The problem with eating tapes seems to be primarily due to sticky supply and take up wheels. Lubricated those and cleaned everything. Seems to play back just fine now. Also got one of the 2 Beogram CD50s working properly. I replaced the belt, cleaned and lubed one of the units and confirmed it correctly loaded and reads CDs. All appeared
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by jwasbury on Sun, Mar 14 2021
  • Re: New owner/member Beosystem 5500

    Hi, Thanks for confirmation on the capstans. Ordered up a bunch of parts to make repairs to the CD50 and Beocord 5500. Doubles of each part since I have 2 of each unit, and hope to get them both operational. One of the 2 Beomaster 5500s has the mute relay problem, so I ordered a replacement part for that as well. I primarily plan to use this system for playing LP records, but will enjoy using the CD and cassette player as well, so long as I can get them functioning properly.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by jwasbury on Tue, Feb 9 2021
  • New owner/member Beosystem 5500

    Hello, Just joined the forums here having recently acquired a complete Beosystem from my father (Beomaster 5500, Beogram 5500, Beogram CD 50, Beocord 5500, working master control panel, 3 non-working handheld remotes, and 1 remote control receiver panel). I was able to acquire a 2nd nearly complete system (minus Beogram 5500) from a local online seller. Now I need to work on sorting out issues. Beogram 5500 was only playing back on one channel, diagnosed bad cartridge, new SMMC-4 cartridge on order
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by jwasbury on Mon, Feb 8 2021
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