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  • Pentas with extra subwoofer

    Hi everybody, I have a pair of Penta´s in my living room. I would like to add a subwoofer. Is my only option the Beoab 2, or will a Beolab 11 add some extra punch to my setup? My dealer is offering me a demo-used Beolab 11 for my Beogram 9500 and My Beogram 6500 with a MMC2. Is this a good or bad offer?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by leosgonewild on Sun, Sep 7 2014
    Filed under: Penta Beolab 2 11
  • Beovision 7-40 mk2 no electronic curtains

    Hi, When I turn on my BV7-40 mk2, it shows the electronic curtains opening when i chose "tv" or "DVD". I have my Apple TV3 connected via DVI, and it is set to the DTV option. When I push DTV the picture just shows up, there are no electronic curtains opening. Am I missing a setting, or is it just not possible?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by leosgonewild on Thu, Aug 28 2014
  • Beogram 8002 parting

    Hi everybody. I have a Beogram 8002, and the "motherboard" is broken. So I am parting with it. You are welcome to tell me what parts you need, and i will do my best to disassemble them and ship them to you. The unit itself is in pretty good cosmetic condition. All parts are free, I am just asking for money for the packaging and shipping. I am located in Helsinki.
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by leosgonewild on Thu, Aug 21 2014
    Filed under: beogram 8002
  • Icepower 250ASP and 500ASP

    Hi everybody. I´m am very new to this forum. I just got my hands on 2*500asp and 2*250asp icepower modules. No I am wondering what to do with them :P Am i able to fit the 250´s in the base of my Beolab Pentas or should I put them in a separate chassis? Can anybody give me hints/instructions on how to do this? I saw that there is a user called Bulgarien that has icepower in his pentas, but I cannot find his post about this :(
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by leosgonewild on Tue, Apr 2 2013
    Filed under: icepower penta
  • Re: Renov penta

    Jeg vil også gjerne få svar på dette..
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by leosgonewild on Thu, Jul 26 2012
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